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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [epp-dev] Photon aggregation jobs are stuck

New build is no better. It seems that simrel is processing jars from platform in some ways. The sums of plugins from platform don't match those from contributed repository.

I have no idea why the aggregator is doing that. I'm still investigating. 

I guess we won't be able to release M7 @ 10am EDT.

See below the debug info I gathered.

== artifacts p2 repo excerpt from platform ==
    <artifact classifier='osgi.bundle' id='' version='3.7.200.v20180418-1233'>
      <properties size='8'>
        <property name='artifact.size' value='804645'/>
        <property name='download.size' value='804645'/>
        <property name='maven-groupId' value=''/>
        <property name='maven-artifactId' value=''/>
        <property name='maven-version' value='3.7.200-SNAPSHOT'/>
        <property name='download.md5' value='40b1b4bdae832096e9e4e4ce7cdfe95e'/>
        <property name='download.checksum.md5' value='40b1b4bdae832096e9e4e4ce7cdfe95e'/>
        <property name='download.checksum.sha-256' value='b769fd9464f64c6cc777f4d339a23cc415acdcef5a01b27711aae9b70ea76e09'/>

$ md5sum eclipse/updates/4.8milestones/S-4.8M7-201805092000/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_*
40b1b4bdae832096e9e4e4ce7cdfe95e  eclipse/updates/4.8milestones/S-4.8M7-201805092000/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar
4a014f90877bc58a7336e0a6d863b4bd  eclipse/updates/4.8milestones/S-4.8M7-201805092000/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar.pack.gz

$ sha256sum eclipse/updates/4.8milestones/S-4.8M7-201805092000/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_*
b769fd9464f64c6cc777f4d339a23cc415acdcef5a01b27711aae9b70ea76e09  eclipse/updates/4.8milestones/S-4.8M7-201805092000/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar
6bf838a9064adb86f20a1ced5fc953014ce72f68f6b9eb71ecd28d711e42cdc7  eclipse/updates/4.8milestones/S-4.8M7-201805092000/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar.pack.gz

== artifacts p2 repo excerpt from simrel staging ==
    <artifact classifier='osgi.bundle' id='' version='3.7.200.v20180418-1233'>
      <properties size='10'>
        <property name='artifact.size' value='804645'/>
        <property name='download.size' value='804645'/>
        <property name='download.md5' value='6a4e388f9578dbb66d0dc8128097ad77'/>
        <property name='download.checksum.md5' value='4a014f90877bc58a7336e0a6d863b4bd'/>
        <property name='download.checksum.sha-256' value='6bf838a9064adb86f20a1ced5fc953014ce72f68f6b9eb71ecd28d711e42cdc7'/>
        <property name='maven-version' value='3.7.200-SNAPSHOT'/>
        <property name='maven-artifactId' value=''/>
        <property name='maven-extension' value='jar.pack.gz'/>
        <property name='maven-groupId' value=''/>
        <property name='maven-classifier' value='pack200'/>

$ md5sum staging/photon/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_*
6a4e388f9578dbb66d0dc8128097ad77  staging/photon/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar
4a014f90877bc58a7336e0a6d863b4bd  staging/photon/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar.pack.gz

$ sha256sum staging/photon/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_*
3ea05da118160a8aa1be2c98c43d8868495a95bca1a5d6a3980fbdc653773f02  staging/photon/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar
6bf838a9064adb86f20a1ced5fc953014ce72f68f6b9eb71ecd28d711e42cdc7  staging/photon/plugins/org.eclipse.compare_3.7.200.v20180418-1233.jar.pack.gz

Le 18 mai 2018 à 10:09, Mikaël Barbero <mikael.barbero@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

A new aggregation build is running with the latest version of the aggregator (incl Alex's patch). 

We need to talk about the future of the Eclipse Desktop IDE simrel tooling, but let's build M7 first ;) 


Mikaël Barbero - Eclipse Foundation
IT Services - Release Engineering
📱 (+33) 642 028 039
🐦 @mikbarbero

Le 18 mai 2018 à 09:57, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

I cannot resist to mention that this kind of bugs shows how obsolete and not-so-well maintained and regularly erroneous in its understanding of p2 is the SimRel aggregator compared to Tycho; and that building the Simultaneous Release on top of such bugged and unpopular software is a major risk for our community, and causes always the same individual (fortunately often courtesy of the Foundation mostly, but not only) to spend major efforts in cutting the fire.
The only sustainable path for SimRel is to move away from CBI aggregator and a lot of related Ant scripts and start building on state of art and well used and maintained Maven and Tycho.
Driven by my concerns about CBI aggregator, I've provided several related usable pieces of work on this topic:
* a pom.xml can already be used to build simrel with a plain `mvn clean verify` (delegating to CBI aggregator so far)
* contains proposals of a migration to Tycho and some discussions.
I'd gladly welcome help to move forward with it.

In the meantime, good luck to those who still have the patience to fix the CBI aggregator ;)
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