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[cross-project-issues-dev] Which version of pack200 to avoid "Unable to unpack artifact ..."?

The Object Teams contribution for M7 currently fails the aggregation
with errors like:

     [exec] - mirroring artifact osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.ui,
     [exec]     doing copy of optimized artifact
     [exec]     unpacking optimized artifact
[exec] Unable to unpack artifact osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.ui, in repository file:/home/hudson/genie.simrel/.jenkins/jobs/simrel.photon.runaggregator.BUILD_CACHED/workspace/aggregation/final/aggregate: Unpacking fails because intermediate file is empty: /home/hudson/genie.simrel/.jenkins/jobs/simrel.photon.runaggregator.BUILD_CACHED/workspace/tmp/work356960850472058849/p2.optimizers.incoming1017866611377793502.jar

From previous bugs this sounds like an incompatibility between
the versions of pack200 and unpack200 used.

So, which version should be used for simrel contributions?

When I download any of those failing artifacts I can cleanly
unpack200 them with all versions greater than 1.5.

Other ideas, how to analyse the root cause of this?


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