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[cross-project-issues-dev] simrel.photon.runaggregator.VALIDATE.gerrit job is broken

After several failed attempts to make changes to the dtp.aggrcon file, which caused the gerrit build to fail, I submitted this no-op change, which simply adds a space to the end of a line.

The gerrit job failed:

Can someone with more knowledge about how to actually build these files take a look and retrigger the change, so we can get green balls for aggregator validation builds again? I would but the magic underlying b3 aggregation is a black box to me. :(



Nick Boldt

Senior Software Engineer, RHCSA

Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio

IM: @nickboldt / @nboldt /

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

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