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[cross-project-issues-dev] p2 <-> aggregator sync.

I've been observing conflicts between recent changes in p2
and the CBI aggregator for some weeks [1].

Today, I triggered a gerrit test with latest from Object Teams,
which is provided as a repo created by latest from p2 (as of M5).

Result [2]:
Unable to load repository p2:file:///home/data/httpd/
While I don't see the actual root error, this appears to be the case
were the aggregator cannot handle current format of p2 meta data.
(Any chance to access any details of this failure?)

When I locally install the latest CBI aggregator from
I can successfully validate and build the aggregation.
Smoke tests of installing from that locally built repo show
no problems.

How do folks feel about either of
 A upgrading to latest from CBI aggregator?
 B ensuring that no project in simrel uses p2 > Photon M3 for their contribution?
   B.1: how long can be "freeze" p2 at Oxygen level??

We have no plan C for M5.

BTW, kudos to David Williams for doing the necessary maintenance
to keep the aggregator alive [3].

A fine point: I found no way to upgrade the Oomph-based SimRel
workbench to latest from p2 and aggregator, because we'd need versions
from M5 of which no EPP exists at this point. Chicken-and-egg?



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