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[cross-project-issues-dev] HTMLPrinter is Broken

I'm a more than little annoyed to see that this method

org.eclipse.jface.internal.text.html.HTMLPrinter.insertPageProlog(StringBuffer, int, RGB, RGB, String)

has gone from deprecated to deleted in less than a 5 week period:

JDT, EMF, Xtext, and Oomph all use this method.

I really don't care to hear the arguments about it being internal because:

  1. I don't see that JDT ought to have exclusive special privileges to use internal things.
  2. I don't see any reason why it should be internal.
  3. And any client wanting to implement hovers that work like the ones for JDT, will have the same needs as JDT and will solve the problem the same way.
I'd like to avoid dwelling on the fact that this is simply a pointless change, but I can't help it. Surely one wouldn't change this simply to improve performance in code that has no relevant performance impact!  It seems to me at best a misguided effort that would be better spent on real improvements.

Please revert this change before M5.

And in the future, please consider that any internal API that is used by any other project is going to cause problems for many projects just as it did for JDT:

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