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[cross-project-issues-dev] Publishing to Maven Central?

How important is Maven Central as a channel for our releases?

As more and more projects do publish their results to Maven Central,
I wonder whether this is something that can sufficiently be handled
by individual projects, or whether some more coordination is needed
to make our users happy.

I recently filed bug 528797 [1] but so far nothing has happened there.
In order to decide whether this is a no-op or something that we should work on,
I'd like to ask projects to drop a comment in said bug, if relevant.

I'd be interested roughly in the following:
( ) already publishing to Maven Central on a regular basis
    ( ) as part of regular releng work
    ( ) performed by a volunteer outside the team
( ) currently discussing / working on publishing to Maven Central

Affected artifacts:
( ) publish only leaf components
    ( ) with no components outside the project
    ( ) with dependencies only from Orbit (by which G:A:V?)
( ) publish artifacts with dependencies on artifacts from another project
[ ] includes publishing OSGi fragments
[ ] (want to) publish snapshots, too.

Technology used / discussed:
If applicable, what build steps are performed to make your plug-ins
proper maven artifacts that don't require tycho for consumption?
NB: I don't want to stipulate a technical debate, just taking stock :)

If already publishing, could you share a link to a recent pom
to demonstrate what meta data are used to identify an artifact?

My personal feeling is, that far more artifacts are being consumed
via tycho-less Maven than we typically notice, and I observed
that a lot can go wrong on this road, which would justify coordinating
releases via this channel just like our regular SimRel p2 repo.
To turn this feeling into knowledge one way or other I'm asking for
feedback in the bug [1].



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