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[cross-project-issues-dev] HIPP2JIPP batch migrations (hipp1)


We will start to run migrations of Hudson to Jenkins in batches.

First up is host machine hipp1 and the following HIPPs:

- andmore
- ecf-tck
- efxclipse
- hudson (project)
- orion
- osee
- recommenders
- sapphire
- swtbot

The migration is planned for ** Thursday, January 11th. **

During the migration the HIPPs will be offline for a few hours.
The job configurations will be converted to a format that is compatible
with Jenkins. Except for some very exotic configurations this works
fine. So in the best case scenario, everything will work as before. In
case it does not, we will support the projects to fix any issues.

HIPPs will be migrated to the latest LTS version of Jenkins. Most
plugins work just as before.

Efforts are tracked here:

If you have planned important releases or other concerns, please let me



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

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