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[cross-project-issues-dev] Moving on

After more than ten years of participation in the Eclipse Ecosystem, I am moving on to other pursuits. I will be leaving Oracle at the end of this year. My new employer (a startup called Prifender) is not involved in any way with Eclipse or tooling. Obviously, I will need to scale down my Eclipse involvement substantially.


I have fond memories of working with many folks in this community. I can be found on LinkedIn. I hope our paths cross again.


My plan is as follows:


1. Stay on as a committer and the lead of Sapphire to enable contributors as necessary. The project is in maintenance mode, but is staying current with Eclipse releases.


2. Withdraw as the lead of the upcoming GF Tools. Danny Ju would be the new lead and for now the sole committer.


3. Stay on (at least for a bit) on the Architecture Council so that I can mentor GF Tools.


4. Archive the Java EE Configuration Editors project ( I never did have the time to finish the work on the editors. The code base does contain a half-completed web.xml editor, but unless someone else wants to take on this work, we should archive the project.


5. Someone else will need to rescue DTP the next time it needs rescuing. DTP uses the build system (Corundum) that I wrote for Oracle and Sapphire. I will be around to answer questions about it, but someone else will need to take over the releng duties and move the build to CBI, if desired.


6. Withdraw from everything else, including commit rights on other projects and Technology Project PMC.




- Konstantin

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