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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Photon opt-in deadline is December 15.

Eclipse aCute: C# development in Eclipse IDE would like to join the Photon release train, with an offset of +3.
Here is the (empty shell) release record:

Note that a feasibility of this contribution depends on upstream issues in OmniSharp. Some change in this upstream project are still necessary before we can consider Eclipse aCute of good enough quality to join Simultaneous Release. So, in case OmniSharp doesn't manage to ship the necessary changes in time, aCute may have to leave the release train.
So please read it as an *intent* to bring Eclipse aCute to Simultaneous Release, but this is not enough for it to happen.
If you're deeply interested in this topic, please get in touch with the project mailing-list to sort out how you can contribute to aCute and related projects and increase the chances of being part of Photon simultaneous release and delivery.

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