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[cross-project-issues-dev] Bug tracker for Jsch

Does anybody know where to report bugs for the Jsch project?

Thomas implemented several workarounds for Jsch bugs in JGit:
* "Work around a Jsch bug: ensure the user name is set from URI" [1]
* "Yet another work-around for a Jsch bug: timeouts" [2]

We would like to report these Jsch bugs to its maintainers in order to get them
fixed upstream but we struggle to find the bug tracker for Jsch. We also tried
to cc Atsuhiko Yamanaka on bug 526778 but so far we got no response.

We found this bugtracker in SourceForge [3] but aren't sure if that's correct since
all bugs raised there in the last years didn't get any response and the last bug
was closed back in 2013. So it looks like this bug tracker was abandoned.
I sent an email to JCraft (the company sponsoring the Jsch development) in
order to find out where we can report bugs but this email bounced.





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