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[cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel Developer Resources


While migrating OCL from Buckminster to Tycho, I have been forced to rethink how to provide consistent contributions.

In the old days, there tended to be a lightweight, perhaps "runtime", feature providing just essential JARs, and a heavyweight, typically "sdk" feature with full documentation, examples and sources. Creation of source plugins was painful.

Tycho makes sources plugins and features really easy and consistent, but slightly different. Consequently a Tycho "sdk" feature has no sources, rather an additional "sdk.source" feature provides them.

Browing the SimRel content, I find the availability of sources, typically "Developer Resources" rather patchy. Is it intended that we move to no sources in SimRel in which case projects providing sources are at fault? Or should we consistently provide sources, in which case the projects that neglected to double up in their *.aggrcon are at fault. If we want sources, the "XXX", "XXX Developer Resources" visual clutter could usefully be absorbed by a checkbox or two?


        Ed Willink

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