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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [eclipse-pmc] Fw: Xtext is broken in Oxygen 1a

	I don't want to play a blame game, but still I would like to understand
	why this problem was not detected during the .1a RC1 cycle.

The main problem as indicated by Sven is that we at Xtext have a build against our minimal target Luna only. I do development work against Photon (Setup via Oomph).
I dont have maint. Oxygen in Oomph cause my knowledge is to few and only release stuff seems to go into the Oxygen Stream in Oomph.
 Maybe we can do something there as well but my oomph knowledge is too few for that)
so once the change landed there too i saw the problem there and immediately investigated and saw that the change was in 1a as well
and that this is a serious problem.

=> we at xtext need to have invest a lot in our releng stuff and reenable builds agains latest maintenance and development again (likely for all 9 fancy repos we have now or at least for all the stuff that is meant to run as eclipse plugin)

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