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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Confusing org.apache.batik versions


Quick followup on this issue: I plan to contribute all the Batik 1.9 JARs currently missing and that are required by GMF Runtime into Orbit for Photon. I'll do what I can, but this may not be done by M3. Roland has agreed to wait until M4 if needed before removing the older versions from Orbit [1].

Projects that are currently known to be affected by this are:
* GMF Runtime (see #517093)
* Sirius (see #525362)
* GMF Tooling (but they've dropped from the train, and I don't know if they plan to make new releases)
* Papyrus (according to a quick grep on their MANIFEST.MF)

There may be others, either via GMF Runtime or directly. Please check.

Affected projects should follow bug #522740 or bug #517093, and if you've got any experience with packaging and contributing JARs into Orbit (I don't), any help would be appreciated.

Pierre-Charles David (Obeo)



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