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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Object Teams needs to skip Oxygen.1a and Photon M3


On 28.09.2017 12:58, Stephan Herrmann wrote:
> Now that that JDT's Java 9 support has been merged, Object Teams
> needs to merge all these changes into our fork of jdt.core.
> Since I did not have the time to perform this merge, we have no
> version of Object Teams that is compatible with latest versions
> from JDT.
> To avoid any confusion, accidental downgrade etc. I will have to
> disable Object Teams in both streams. I'm not aware of any
> consumers of Object Teams within SimRel so this should not cause
> any issues to other projects.
> I hope to be back on the train by M4 & Oxygen.2.
> QUESTION: When I pushed a change to gerrit for Oxygen.1a_JDK9 [1]
> this didn't seem to trigger any build job. In fact I can't see any
> gerrit job in JIPP for this branch. Is this just an oversight and
> will be fixed, or do we have a different process for this branch?

Yes, there was no Gerrit build set up yet (since respins usually don't
need them). Now there is one.

> Nitpick: The simrel.oxygen.1a_JDK9 jobs are also missing from the
> "Aggregation" tab.

Since it's technically a respin, the jobs can be found in the "Respins"
tab. The "Aggregation" tab is reserved (historically) for the main
release trains (current/maintenance).

> Stephan
> [1]



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

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