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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Intent to update HttpComponents bundles

On 9/25/2017 9:16 AM, Aleksandar Kurtakov wrote:
<stuff deleted>
No component can go in Orbit before a project opens a CQ to get it in.
Please do so for ECF and once legal approval is there, Mat will
provide patches against Orbit.

Aleksandr:   I'm going to ask that the projects that have been submitting CQs for httpcomponents continue to do so rather than I/ECF do it as they have the history and experience with Orbit migration of httpcomponents.

For the version that we are using now of httpcore/httpclient (4.5.2/4.4.6) the Orbit submitter was Steffan Pingel [1], and the CQ was [2] (submitted by Steffan as well).



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