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[cross-project-issues-dev] SonarCube Configuration Optimisation

Dear cross-project members,

while taking some looks at the SonarQube Dashboards I recognised that there are some chances to improve the rules for projects. I started reporting enhancement requests for certain type of classes which have many issues which wonât fulfil the configured rules, so that they can be disabled. Although I primarily looked at the Platform projects, it might be of interest to define such exclusion rules cross-project. And maybe I am missing something, so please join the discussion on these bugs.

[1] Bug#522282 - [sonar] Change rules for Message classes
[2] Bug#522285 - [sonar] Exclude generated EMF Package/Factory Impl classes
[3] Bug#522482 - [sonar] Change rules for Test classes

With your input we could better focus on real issues and exclude the noise.

With kind regards,