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[cross-project-issues-dev] Issue with the macOS bundle signing, dmg packaging and signing

(cross-posting to platform-releng, epp-dev and cross-projects)


Recently, we've been facing a lot of issues with the services we provide for macOS: UI testing, macOS .app bundles signing and DMG files creation and signing. It has been a combination of hardware, software and network failures and these issues have already impacted some projects, delaying their milestones/releases and consuming a lot of time from their teams. 

Since the beginning of the week, we've setup a new machine to run UI tests from the Hudson shared instance ( This machine is not hosted on our infra, and thus not everything that was possible can be done on the new machine (most notably, it's not possible to access machines inside the Eclipse VLAN). We still need to figure out if we want to make it possible, or if we want to set this fact as a restriction.

We've also successfully deployed and tested the signing and dmg packaging services on a similar machine. Unfortunately, we can't switch the current unreliable services to these new ones as they are also hosted outside of the Eclipse VLAN. As you may know, the services are insecure webapps (read plain HTTP) without any sort of authentication. We were using the fact that the services were running inside the VLAN to "protect" them. Only Eclipse projects and committers were both trusted to use the service by having access to the VLAN via their Hudson/Jenkins instance. 

Opening the new services on a machine directly connected to the internet would let anyone sign a macOS application with the Eclipse certificate. This is something we want to avoid at all cost as it would ruin all the trust one can have in this certificate. So we are working hard to add a authentication layer and run the service on top of HTTPS to be able to provide these services reliably from the new machines. But it takes some time. 

As we don't want these issues to delay the release of Oxygen.1 or any project that uses these services, we come here with an temporary plan:

If you need to sign a macOS app and/or create a signed DMG for it, just open a bug against CBI / signing service and we will do it for you. You will need to give us the path on to the .tar.gz of the macOS application you want us to sign / package on You will probably have to deactivate the usage of the CBI maven plugins (eclipse-macsigner-plugin and eclipse-dmg-packager) if you use Tycho. The output of the product build should then be a simple tar.gz of your .app Eclipse product.

If you have any question, feel free to open a bug against CBI or just ask it here.

Thanks for your patience.


Mikaël Barbero - Eclipse Foundation
IT Services - Release Engineering
📱 (+33) 642 028 039
🐦 @mikbarbero

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