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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [epp-dev] Potential problems with the EPP packages for Oxygen.1 RCs

Hi Andreas,

I think it's good worrying about it. Thanks for that ;)
I guess most of the build related issues are caused by or similar. I'll have a look at how Platform did troubleshoot it and will try the same kind of fix for EPP, hoping it would be enough to all of a sudden turn all builds green ;)

But, there is also the human factor: many people do take holidays until the end of August, so they aren't able to review RCs by the end of August. It would be worth bringing this lack of reactivity issue to the Planning Council in order to negotiate next year's .1 release to happen a couple of weeks later for example.
Maybe it's already planned as it, and aligning with Java 9 release made the difference here and we (EPP stakeholders) failed at anticipating the potential issues with such date.

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