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[cross-project-issues-dev] About Adding RSS Newsreader to Eclipse for Java EPP Package

Greetings cross-project-issues-dev,

One and a half years ago we added an RSS newsreader to the "Eclipse for Committers” EPP Package. This newsreader from time to time pulls news from PlanetEclipse and updates from Eclipse Marketplace entries and displays them to users inside Eclipse using Mylyn-like notifications. I assume many of you have seen this before – if not: here is a screenshot how this looks like.

So far we did not get serious complains (I counted 2 dislikes in 1 1/2 years). Now I’m looking for your support (or opposition) for adding an RSS newsreader into the "Eclipse for Java  Developers” EPP Package. By default, I’d like to register and enable the Eclipse Foundation’s RSS Newsfeed. That feed, for instance, contains important news like critical security updates (like malicious plug-ins) or release updates like “Eclipse Oxygen is here!”. With this integration we’d be able to get important messages out to our users better than with any other existing means we have.

In addition, the RSS Newsreader allows contributions via plugin.xml. With that projects may register their project-specific newsfeed when being installed by a user. This would allow them to get in touch with their users more directly and keeps them informed about new releases, security updates etc.

I know that there will be people complaining that “adding yet another plugin” to the IDE has drawbacks. But personally I value the additional way to communicate new updates to my users more, and thus, would love to see this in Eclipse – in the Java package at least for another test run with a broader audience.

Does anyone have strong concerns with this? Or in the other direction: Any supporters of this idea? I don’t want to push a change into any EPP package that may lead to severe conflicts – thus I’m asking you, the Eclipse committers who care, beforehand.

Thank you for your feedback,

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