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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] git pull/push

On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Pierre-Charles David <pierre-charles.david@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Le 03/07/2017 à 08:28, Manoj Palat a écrit :

I've beein getting time-outs consistently today while pulling/pushing code in the eclipse.jdt.core repo. Is anybody else experiencing similar problem in this/any other repo?

I had no issue *fetching* from the Sirius repo, but right now it's impossible to push a new review: a first attempt failed (after what seemed like several minutes) telling me:

The author is not a committer on the project.
error: The author does not have a current Eclipse Contributor Agreement (ECA) on file.
! [remote rejected] @ -> refs/for/master (An Eclipse Contributor Agreement is required.)

A second attempt a few minutes later (with the same commit) goes a little further, but still fails:

! [remote rejected]     @ -> refs/for/master (internal server error: Error inserting change/patchset)

The Gerrit UI is also down for us right now (Server Unavailable - 502 Proxy Error).

I've reopened

I tried to logon to Bugzilla and that responds
Could not connect to the LDAP server(s) ldapmaster.


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