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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Transparent P2 mirrors (Was: Why (not) a "Final Daze" in SimRel?)

> > B) Now imagine a transparent mirroring solution where step 1 immediately
> redirects us to a suitable mirror, and P2 cooperates:
> >
> > 1. Request
> > a. Receive HTTP 307 to
> > b. Update P2 repo object so further repository loading uses the
> redirected URL
> > c. Follow redirect and get
> > 2. Get
> > 3. Read child URL "../../drops/1.2.3", resolve it to
> >
> Hi Carsten,
> That would certainly make things more efficient from our side: given a
> p2 repo, provide a mirror location for all the artifacts.
> Not sure what needs to happen in p2 for that to work, however.

I'll open a bug and try to find out :) 

>From what I remember of the P2 repo loading internas, it shouldn't be too difficult. The bug[1] referenced by Mykola might be an organizational blocker though.


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