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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Disabled projects in Oxgen SimRel aggregation build


To get this thing out of the door, I went ahead and re-enabled the JWT
and SOA-BPEL contributions. Build was successful so I don't expect any



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

On 18.05.2017 01:16, Frederic Gurr wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently I see that the following contributions are disabled:
> - JWT           disabled by Markus Knauer          (2017-05-16)
> - SOA-BPEL      disabled by Markus Knauer          (2017-05-16)
> - Stardust      disabled by Simone Seurer          (2017-04-19)
> - Sphinx        disabled by Sravan K. Lakkimsetti  (2017-03-10)
> - THyM          disabled by Frederic Gurr          (2017-01-24)
> THyM will not participate in the Oxygen release. Stardust has been
> disabled and I assume that it will not take part, but I have not seen a
> public announcement. Sphinx, SOA-BPEL and JWT have been disabled due to
> incompatibilities, but so far have not been re-enabled.
> Since Oxygen M7 is due this Friday, I urge all projects (except THyM) to
> confirm/deny their Oxygen participation status and/or fix their
> contribution immediately.
> Due to this, I will wait until tomorrow afternoon (CST) before declaring
> staging complete.
> Regards,
> Fred

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