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[cross-project-issues-dev] missing Jetty dependencies of projects other than RAP

Hi all,

I was trying to contribute our RAP M7 build to the Simultaneous Release when I found out that our contribution leads to some missing dependencies to Jetty bundles from other projects. It looks like some projects were relying that RAP contributes a specific version of those bundles, but we don't... we always try to align our Jetty bundle versions to the ones that Eclipse Platform uses.

Short version: We are using (and contributing) Jetty 9.4.5.v20170502 now, which breaks other projects that define a dependency to other versions without contributing these bundles. In order to get green build I had to disable temporarily the full dependency chain:
  - webtools.aggrcon
  - jwt.aggrcon
  - soa-bpel.aggrcon
  - m2e-wtp.aggrcon
  - scout.aggrcon
It is documented in the following bug - please remember to enable your contribution again after fixing the issues!

  Bug 516750 - Missing Jetty dependencies after adding RAP 3.2M7 to Oxygen build


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