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[cross-project-issues-dev] Info Center for Neon.3


The info center for the Neon.3 release is now available here:

As proposed in Bug 499411
(, project's
participation in the info center has changed from opt-in to opt-out.

Compared to the Neon info center the following user
guides/documentations have been added in Neon.3:

* ACTF Visualization SDK Developer Guide
* ACTF Visualization User Guide
* BIRT Report Developer Guide
* BPEL User Guide
* BPMN2 Modeler Table of Contents
* Data Tools Platform Plug-in Developer Guide
* Data Tools Platform User Documentation
* ECF Remote Services Developer Guide
* Eclipse Marketplace User Guide
* EEF Javadoc
* EGF Eclipse Generation Factories Guide
* EGit GitHub Documentation
* GMF Developer Guide
* LDT User Guide
* Modeling Workflow Engine Reference
* RSE User Guide
* Sequoyah User Guide
* Shell Script Editor User Guide
* Sphinx Developer Guide
* Subversive User Guide
* Tcl/Xotcl Development User Guide
* WindowBuilder Pro User Guide
* Xpand Documentation
* XSD Developer Guide
* Xtend User Guide
* Xtext Documentation

The following user guides/documentations are included in the Neon info
center, but not in Neon.3:

* JavaServer Faces Tooling Developer Guide
* Oomph Utilities Documentation
* PTP Developer's Guide
* XSL Tools SDK Documentation

If any user guide/documentation should NOT be included in the Neon.3
info center or is missing in error (e.g. PTP) please comment on bug
514345 (

If something is missing, please provide the full path and all files that
should be included.



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