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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Java 9 Readiness

I suspect that as a platform developer, you are not familiar with the nice environment that Eclipse provides for project developers.

Please spend some efforts trying to read and understand properly the answers, and ask more explanations if necessary before suspecting anyone for not being familiar with the technology they've built.

I recognize two ways of running my tests.
a) as standalone JUnit tests
b) as Plugin JUnit tests
Both require the launch config to specify/re-use the invoking Eclipse JVM. So no Java 9 in Eclipse => no testing.

Those 2 ways are in the category properly named by Dani "testing from the IDE". As you understood, they do require the JDT's Java 9 support to work.

What you're missing to recognize are the other JDT-independent ways to run/test a plugin. For example starting directly an Eclipse Platform which hosts your plugins, or orchestrating tests from the command-line (once again properly described by Dani in his email). In case your project has no dependency on JDT, then simply running it as a separate process which uses Java 9 should be enough.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer for Red Hat Developers
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