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[cross-project-issues-dev] Bugzilla changes for EMF Query/Transaction/Validation

Hi all,

For information, as part of the restructuration of the EMF Query, Transaction and Validation projects under a single umbrella project "EMF Services" (see bug #509487), the bugzilla tickets corresponding to these 3 projects have been moved out of the "EMF" bugzilla product and into a new "EMF Services" product.

If you had any existing bugzilla queries looking for these tickets they must be updated to look into the "EMF Services" product instead of "EMF".

The Version & Target Milestones of all the existing tickets have been reset for now (the new product does not define any version yet). The information is still available in each ticket's history. I have also taken a snapshot of their values before the restructuration, so if their loss causes a problem we can probably reset them (though they were never used very consistently, so I'm not sure anyone actually relied on them for anything).

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Pierre-Charles David


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