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[cross-project-issues-dev] Excessive disk usage of HIPPs


The following HIPP instances use a lot of disk space:

* emfcompare	102 GB
* ice		403 GB
* packaging	485 GB
* kitalpha	191 GB
* papyrus	472 GB
* platform	206 GB

Unfortunately I have to urge the corresponding projects to clean up
their HIPP instances and configure their jobs to use the "Discard Old
Builds" option.
There are two parameters that should be set to reasonable values:

* Max # of builds to keep
* Max # of builds to keep with artifacts

HIPP instances are not supposed to act as build artifact archive, so
keeping more than 5 or 10 builds with artifacts of a few hundred MBs or
even GBs is a bad practice.
If your console log is verbose, keeping a lot builds (even without
artifact) can also require a lot of disk space.

A recommended default is to keep 10 builds, and (depending on the size
of artifacts) 5 builds with artifacts.

Please note: when you change those settings, old builds will only be
deleted once the next build is running.

Thanks for your cooperation.



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