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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] i18n Message key generation

> If not, would you consider accepting a contribution that adds some
> additional logic to the key generation?

Yes, no, and no.

Okay let me try better:

Assuming that no one [1] will leave in the generated key name (i.e. Class_0 Class_1 Class_2), I think it would be nice to help people and allow to generate a more meaningful key instead.

If adding long keys is a problem, a key generation algo could help:

* When large keys are generated, the dialog can inform the user about memory and speed implications.
* A key generator could help minimize the key length. Consider this key from jface:

MessageDialogWithToggle.rememberMyDecision = &Remember my decision
could be automatically generated to:
    MessageDialogWithToggle.rememberDecision = &Remember my decision
MssgDlgWTggl.rememberDecision = &Remember my decision
or even
MDWT.rememberDecision = &Remember my decision



[1] Random pick of

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