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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] hipp9 overloaded

I see similar problems on hipp8. Its reported load is between 1 and 2 at the moment, sometimes less, i.e. not very high, but the EPP package builds are extremely slow, much slower than usual. A few months ago in October these builds used to take 1:20h [1], now we are close to 6 hours [2] which is 4 times slower for the same build. In both cases, builds were running on a day during Simultaneous Release week which rules out this as a reason for the increased duration.

Maybe its worth to look at this host, too, as the increased build time doesn't seem to be caused by a high load of the CPU.

And I highly appreciate your efforts to distribute CPU resources in a better way!

Much thanks,


On 2 February 2017 at 01:22, Frederic Gurr <frederic.gurr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Unfortunately hipp9 has been experiencing a near-constant high load
during work hours. Due to a few projects hogging resources other
projects are severely constrained and have problems running their builds
in a timely manner.

To fix this, I have taken the following near term steps:

- Papyrus HIPP
  - disabled execution of concurrent builds for "Papyrus-Gerrit-Oxygen"
  - limited the number of executors to 2

- EMF Compare HIPP
  - limited the number of executors to 2

I will also move the EMF Compare HIPP to a different hipp machine
tomorrow at 9am EST. Downtime will be less than one hour.

We will also investigate how CPU usage can be limited to ensure a fair
distribution of resources.


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