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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Fwd: Simrel repo contributions

I will answer to "cross-project" list, since may be of general interest.

And before answering the question, I will remind everyone the purpose of the "checkpoint build" was primarily to allow any new projects, or projects with new features, to "get into" the build, on a  relatively stable base. Unlike "RC builds" not all projects would be expected to update their contributions for mere bug fixes. I also noticed that this is stated in the Neon Plan, but not the Oxygen plan so ... someone ... should update the Oxygen plan as well (assuming the Planning Council still wants to provide that checkpoint, for Oxygen update releases).

I am assuming that the original issue or question revolved around someone's URL in the aggrcon file was not literally the "final release" one, in the sense that repositories are normally moved or copied to their final location during quiet week, and then the project must remember to also update their URLs in the aggrcon file.

If that is the issue, then I'll make the following comments:

a. What you say is true, project decides "the release" URL. BUT the "right content" is a little stronger than you say. It should be exactly the same. Not simply "fit in".
b. We (or, I) never hounded projects much to update their URLs to their final ones, because every year a few would not and unless everyone does it, it really does not make the build "reproducible" so I thought it not worth the hounding.
c. I did, however, set the 'validate' job (on both branches) to not only run upon git repo changes, but also to run once every Monday morning, to help spot "broken URLs". [I did not write much about these triggering events, so just now added it to the Simrel release engineering wiki.]

If that is not the issue, then I will need more specific questions, or symptoms. It appears all the URL stuff was fixed 5 days ago, so if it is still an issue, then I suspect something else is wrong.


On 01/19/2017 12:40 PM, Frederic Gurr wrote:
Hi David,

Can you help me with Sravan's questions?
I assume that every project is responsible to put in the right URLs for
a release. SimRel in general does not care if something is a "release"
URL, as long as the right content (whatever a project considers to be
right and what does not cause dependency issues) is available, right?



-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: 	Simrel repo contributions
Date: 	Mon, 16 Jan 2017 07:51:06 +0000
From: 	Sravan K Lakkimsetti <sravankumarl@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: 	frederic.gurr@xxxxxxxxxxx
CC: 	Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Fred,

I was trying to update simrel with latest 4.6.3 M-Build for 4.6.3 check
point. I noticed an issue with Sirius project. This raised following
questions in my mind relating to 4.6.2

 1. Did we build 4.6.2 with right repos?
 2. When do we do build with release urls?
 3. If we did build with wrong repo urls, how to rectify that?
 4. How can we catch this situation in future.

It may turn out to be non-issue. But would like to have clarification.

Thanks and Regards,


Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti

IBM India Pvt Ltd,

Embassy Golf Links Business Park, D Block,

Off Indiranagar-Kormangla Inner Ring Road,

Bangalore - 560071, India

Phone: 91-80-41776858

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