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[cross-project-issues-dev] Subversive project announcement



I would like to make an announcement about the "Subversive - SVN Team Provider" project ( Polarion company, that stays behind the Subversive project, was recently acquired by Siemens. Now the company has slightly different business focus, so it was decided to stop the Subversive project. But there are good news for the Eclipse community - Polarion/Siemens will not don't mind against continuing the project life on Eclipse. That means that the Subversive team of Eclipse committers will continue to work on the project if we will find a new sponsor.


I know that many people in this mail group represent different companies, so we ask for your help. If your company would like to support development of SVN client for Eclipse - please feel free to contact me (at igor.vinnykov@xxxxxxxxxxxx) for the details. We need very low budget to continue project development/support, so I guess that it can be affordable for any company. Subversive is one of the most downloadable plug-ins for Eclipse with thousand hundreds of active users and millions of downloads, so I guess that, as Eclipse developers, you understand advantages of sponsoring this project. I would like to ask you to pass this information to your company management and maybe it will give a chance to survive for the project.


We submitted the request to join Oxygen simultaneous release, because Subversive is a member of Sim Releases during many years, but at this time the project future depends on funding and finding a new sponsor. By this e-mail I would like to inform dependent projects about the risk. I will keep you informed.


Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Best regards,

Igor Vinnykov

Subversive Team



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