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[cross-project-issues-dev] URL generation in the PMI

FWIW (sharing with the group because I think that this is of general interest)...

If you see a URL from the PMI that has something like "-0" tacked on the end, that generally means that the URL has been taken already. For release records, the URL is generated to include the version of the release, so having two releases with the same version will cause a collision that the system will resolve by adding the suffix.

Note that the URL will automatically change and a redirect will automatically be created for the old URL if you change the version in the release (the redirects are another potential source of collision, if you see weirdness, I can probably sort it out). The PMI maintains references based on identity, so changing things like version names and URLs won't confuse it.

In this case, somebody on the team had previously created a release record named 1.2.0, so the system recognized the URL collision and created a distinct URL. I can see how you missed the existence of the original record as it had a date that was way in the past and so was chronologically sorted at the end of the list of releases on the project page. I've deleted that extra record and have regenerated the URL for the release record (the system automatically created a redirect from the old URL).

I'll review the work flow to see if there is something that I can do to make it harder to set bogus dates, or perhaps notice when you try to create two releases with the same name/number.


On 08/12/16 04:00 AM, Grégoire DUPE wrote:



EMF Facet will participate in the Oxygen Simultaneous Release, with an offset of +2.




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