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[cross-project-issues-dev] State intent early (M4)

Many projects have not yet announced their intention to participate (or not) in the Oxygen Simultaneous release.

The deadline is approaching. For our Oxygen release, that's Friday, December 16/2016.

Part of the reason why we require that project teams explicitly opt-in by M4 is to ensure that project teams are paying attention to the communication channel. It's also a quick reminder for everybody in the community to take a quick look at your plans to make sure that they identify potential challenges they may face working with you.

Please take a quick look at the release participation page [1]. Please also take a quick look at the "details" page [2].

The details page shows the "summary" from the description that you've provided in your release record; this is the first place that we'll look for ideas regarding what we'll include in our press (and discussions with analysts) about the release. Please try to provide a short executive summary style paragraph at the beginning of your description (e.g. something that I can say when I'm taking to people about your project; it's hard to say a list of bullets): give people a reason to want to find out more about your project.

If your project does not appear on the participation page, please first ensure that you've created a release record for Oxygen (with a reasonable description), and then send a note to this channel with a pointer to that release record and an indication of your project's offset in the build. There's more information in the wiki [3] (while you're there, please take a couple of minutes to scan the rest of the participation requirements document).

I did scan through the mailing list archives, and I'm pretty sure that I've recorded all of the announcements made there. If I've missed you, please accept my humble apologies and then restate.






Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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