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[cross-project-issues-dev] Enabling soa-bpmn2-modeler.aggrcon?

This file, soa-bpmn2-modeler.aggrcon, shows BPMN Modeler with a disabled contribution (enabled="false"). Is that right?

From the list of List of participating projects it appears BPMN Modeler is intending to be part of the Oxygen release.

With M4 not far off, I thought I should point this out so the project can enable it (soon). No need to wait until your +n day even if you have some further changes to make, the earlier you are "in" -- and testing -- the smoother M4 will go. My guess is it was "disabled" long ago and just left that way -- perhaps due to some pack.gz problems? From my IDE it does "validate aggregation" ok, but I know there might be other things wrong, so I won't enable it automatically (unless asked to).

BTW, That was the only "disabled attribute". 


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