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[cross-project-issues-dev] Does anyone know an HttpCacheStorage implementation available in Orbit?

Hi fellow Eclipse committers,

we at the Automated Error Reporting project are currently trying to make
the client more RESTful. In particular, we want to implement support for
HTTP's Cache-Control header.

Now, Apache HttpComponents offers a CachingHttpClientBuilder [1], which
produces a drop-in replacement of the normal HttpClient that we
currently use, but with full, spec-compliant Cache-Control handling.
Unfortunately, our use case requires a persistent HttpCacheStorage
storage backend [2].

While there exists, e.g., an Ehcache-based backend, AFAICT none of the
backends has its necessary dependencies in Orbit.

But maybe I am mistaken or some other project has already developed
their own HttpCacheStorage that we should know about. Is so, please tell us.

Best wishes,



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