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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] setting mirror URL in the p2 repository

Hi Lorenzo,

> as suggested here
> we set the mirror property in our artifacts.jar when releasing.
> We do that by using
> as done in other projects, e.g., 
>  this has worked up to now, but after we moved to tycho 0.25, which
> also generates the .xml.xz zipped version, we noted that the mirror
> property is not set in the artifacts.xml.xz (but only in
> artifacts.jar).
> Would mirroring still work?

No, if you follow our template (I wrote the Code Recommenders pom.xml)
then mirroring will not work when the client downloads the
artifacts.xml.xz. This is Code Recommenders' Bug 497546 [1].

Now, for us fixing this has rather low priority, as not many people
download Code Recommenders from its update site, now that it is included
out-of-the-box in many EPP packages. But your mileage may vary, of course.

For you I see 3 ways out:

1. Disable XZ compresison in the tycho-p2-repository-plugin and compress
in a separate step, after the tycho-eclipserun-plugin with has finished. Maybe the
truezip-maven-plugin [3] or a similar plugin can help here.

2. Push for Tycho Bug 341744 [4] being fixed in such a way that it does
not only support p2.statsURI but also p2.mirrorsURL.

3. Do not set the p2.mirrorsURL in the Tycho build at all, but only when
promoting it to its final resting place. See Bug 498360 [5].

Option 1 certainly requires the most work, but has the advantage that it
just might work right *now*. In the long run, however, I think option 3
is preferable. The build should *not* need to know where the repository
bits will be offered for download, in particular as this may change over
time, e.g., if you move things from to

Hope that helps.


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