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[cross-project-issues-dev] just a FYI - macOS Sierra causes issues


Just FYI, I investigated an issue with macOS Sierra that affects all Eclipse packages. I am posting this here since I think this could affect potentially many users:

The bottom line is:
If you download Eclipse, extract the file, and start on macOS Sierra without moving it to a different location, all your additional plugin installs and global settings will be lost each time you restart your machine (or more frequently).

The reason:
macOS Sierra Gatekeeper Path Randomization happens and moves the app bundle to a read-only private folder on your disc. This happens after every restart to a new randomized location. The launcher has therefore no idea how to find the old config area and creates a new one.

The workaround:
Move the after extracting it to a different location on disc (using the Finder) or start the executable inside instead of the .app bundle.
(others mentioned in the bug)
Maybe this should be mentioned in the n&n doc, release notes, or FAQ.

Possible solution:
Create a signed DMG that forces people to move the app after opening the DMG.


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