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[cross-project-issues-dev] NOTICE: refactoring of "aggregator" coming Thursday


I have been working on refactoring the old "b3 aggregator" to the "cbi aggregator" (bug 506726). That is, refactoring package names, etc.

This will require two things of those participating in the Sim. Release.

1. You will need to get a fresh copy of the aggregator installed into your IDE. (You will either need to "start fresh" or uninstall the old one before installing the new one). The new one is based on "Neon.1a" -- that is, Eclipse SDK (or Platform) 4.6.1.

2. You will need to check out a fresh copy of "" because the filename extensions are changing (plus a small tweak to the files themselves) due to the refactoring.

My plan is to make the new version available soon, but you should not use it for Sim. Release until the changes have been made to "". I plan to make those tomorrow, Thursday, between Noon and 1 PM (Eastern) unless there are objections to that timing.

To be explicit, I will make the required changes in both master and Neon_maintenance.

After all that, it will probably take me another hour or so to change the SimRel Hudson jobs so they are using the correct version of the aggregator.

I know the timing is not great, but there will not be a good time between now and the end of the year.

Apologies in advance for the churn, but I do think it is an important change that will be good in the long run.


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