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[cross-project-issues-dev] [AERI] Using JVMTI to collect local variables in error reports

Greetings cross-projects,

I’d like to post a preliminary plan to this list to see if it will raise any concerns by the community.

As mentioned in a previous post, some automated error reports are hard to triage b/c they lack the (values of the) local variables that lead to an error. We did some research and figured out that we can enrich error reports with the values of all available local variables in each stack trace element by attaching a JVMTI agent to the Eclipse.

Our first experiments were quite promising and I’d like to make this feature available at least in the Eclipse IDE for Committers Package in Oxygen or (if it works properly) in Neon.3 time frame. Certainly this feature has some privacy and performance aspects to consider. W/o going into the technical details, we plan to enable the agent only on explicit user request and send the actual local variable values along with the error reports only if the user actually want’s to share them.

Does anyone on this list have any other concerns or constraints to address/consider when attaching a JVMTI agent to the eclipse process?

Thanks in advance,

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