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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] How to provide HDPI icons in yourplug-in

On 09/21/2016 08:20 PM, Stefan Xenos wrote:
What I proposed would occur once, so it would slow down *installation* time but not startup time. We could show a message along the lines of "installing icons" to make it clear to the user what's going on.

Or do you have some reason to believe this would have some impact on startup time once the icons are installed?

I do not know a definitive answer, but found some hints. At first I was thinking something similar and did some googling for "svg png performance" and "does OS cache SVG" and a) did not find much about icons, per se, but otherwise seemed to be a lot of out-of-date information that I think is not always currently true ... most of it browser and webpage focused but (that is, low signal to noise ratio) and b) also found some bugs in Firefox's system that had titles such as "SVG cache must be invalidated if System theme changes". That, and even "scaling" seems like the kind of thing that might effect us. At that point I decided "this is complicated" and didn't read further. :)

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