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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Oxygen M2

As I am sure everyone is aware, Oxygen M2 input is due tomorrow (Wednesday 9/21 approx. 5 PM). By some standards things look much better for M2 than for M1, but looking deeper there are still many things very incorrect. Some projects still contributing their "Neon" content -- not even Neon.1!.

There are two projects "disabled". I assume intentional. I am being explicit to this list in case not.


Over 30 projects have feature versions that *decrease* in version number compared to Neon.1 candidate, instead of being equal to or greater than. Perhaps some of these could be fixed by tomorrow, especially if it is a simple matter of using your Neon.1 contribution as input, instead of leaving at the initial Neon level. See BugĀ 501872 for over 400 more details. :)

Third, at least the EPP build completes without error, though the artifacts are still labeled as M1.

I hope this note helps us have a little better M2 then if I had not looked at the output of our builds and not sent this note.


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