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[cross-project-issues-dev] Neon.1 RC4 staging repo is complete

And, I hope, Neon.1! Well, except for all the little things like EPP packages, final testing, updating the "info" center, etc.

Speaking of which, as we enter this quiet week before releasing (scheduled for 9/28) there are two bugs to be aware of.

If anyone has changed their "docs" for Neon.1, please include the usual info in bug 500938.
BugĀ 500938 - Will soon need a Neon.1 info center

And, if anyone has added anything worthy of promoting to the general user population, please make a note of it in bug 500939.
BugĀ 500939 - Create New and Noteworthy for Neon.1

Thanks as always!

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