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[cross-project-issues-dev] Must all changes be tracked by a bug?

Hi All,

In another thread I asked how I could enforce a bug number in the commit message.

Mickael replied:
"I'm curious: what is the value of enforcing the creation of a bugzilla for every change. Let's assume a user finds a better label and wants to contribute it, do you really want to bother them creating a Bugzilla? Wasn't creating a Gerrit patch not enough difficulty yet?"

Since our project has graduated I want to make sure that all changes are known. Since the release infrastructure is connected to bugzilla I assumed this is the correct process. But your questions tell me this is not what everyone thinks.

* First, all our changes go through Gerrit, also the ones that our committers make. Do you think it is mandatory for them to include a bug number in the first line of the commit?
* If a bugnumber in the commit is optional, how can I track changes?
* Bugzilla is connected with Gerrit. Why is the change not rejected if a link cannot be made?
* How can EF approve a release if not all changes are documented.

Thanks, I hope this leads to some best practice discussion.



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