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[cross-project-issues-dev] Neon staging repository for RC1 is complete

It is Wednesday, after 5, and no one has requested a delay, so I will consider RC1 staging repository complete.

I have disabled the aggregation jobs for Neon (but not the VALIDATE.gerrit one) to be sure nothing accidentally and automatically gets promoted until after the EPP packages are ready. I will re-enable on Friday afternoon.

Recall that since the RC builds are only a week apart, we do not "promote" the staging repository anywhere else until the final Neon.1 release, about a month from now. For exact dates, see

I am assuming, unless Markus says otherwise, that there will be EPP packages created for testing and made available (somewhere) on Friday approximately 10:00.

Also, please pay attention to the "version reports" that were fixed just today (for the Neon stream, see bug 500224) and would encourage release engineers or or project leads to take a look at them (and other reports) for improvements that are needed for Neon.1. As always, it is at the URL below, which is also given as a link at the top of our SimRel HIPP instance.


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