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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] GEF Oxygen M1 contribution only partially today


What if e.g. UML went AWOL?

This is exactly what happened a few years ago when OCL went committer-less. So many projects depended and wanted to help that someone had to get the rule book out and decide that since Eclipse is a meritocracy, that the active Bugzilla contributors took precedence over panicking companies.

The same would happen again for any +1 and probably +2 project.

Clients have three options:

- just occasionally a dependency can be eliminated

- just occasionally a dependency can be rewritten, but it may take many man years of effort

- much more practically a dependency gets rescued and put on minimal maintenance (e.g. EMFq, EMFt, EMFv).

So by pretending that we must wait for +1/+2 dependencies, we waste a lot of time for those who are trying to contribute. It is just not real. +1/+2's should carry over automatically.

You suggest that we should notify dependencies that we are waiting. Are you joking? Why should I waste my time and EMF's time by suggesting that it is about time for them to contribute. EMF is a -1/+1 contribution. Of course it should know that it should contribute.


        Ed Willink

On 09/08/2016 16:10, David M Williams wrote:
I am sure improvements can be made, but the key -- from my point of view -- is that projects smooth out their processes and dependencies, rather than "the big guy in the sky" blindly makes everything work just fine for everyone by making a lot of assumptions that may or may not be accurate. To force something positive out of this difficult period of time, it does give projects an opportunity to think through your dependencies and if you really want or have to depend on them. For one, completely made up example, what would you do if "UML Project" decided not to participate any more? What if it was "terminated"? What is your contingency plan? Does something need to be refactored? Made optional? Or, perhaps even move to some other project?

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