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[cross-project-issues-dev] [aeri] Introducing (Custom) Error Report Processors

Dear cross-projects,

the upcoming version of AERI will allow to run client-side analyses before an error report is send. 

For example, when a ClassNotFoundException is logged, AERI will run an analyzer that
  • tries to parse the class name from the exception’s error message, 
  • search for all bundles that export that class (i.e., the containing package) and 
  • check which bundles and packages the failing bundle was wired to.
The results of these analyses are added to the error report as "auxiliary information” automatically (requires user consent).

The Buildship team requested a means to add the Gradle version to error reports that mention Buildship somewhere. The Oomph team asked for means to run special analysis for FileNotFoundExceptions to detect whether these errors may be caused by an eager antivirus scanner. Both can be implemented using this API.

AERI will provide some "common processors” that add
  • all system properties,
  • all user preferences,
  • all installed bundles, resolution status, and wiring information,
  • all installed features + bundles with id, name, and version information,
to an error report on demand. We may also take this a step further to allow users to attach screenshots or code snippets to an error report.

The analyzers will be added to the review dialog as outlined below and can be de/activated in one click. The server can also demand auxiliary information which will be automatically added to the report (after user consent):

Every project will be able to register their own client-side analyses via an extension point. The exact details are not yet settled but I’d like to inform cross-projects early in the process to gather your requirements. If you have a requirement or feature request, please let me/us know in bug 496656 [1].

Thank you,


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