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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Neon.1 checkpoint? Oxygen M1?

As previously announced, we now have a "checkpoint build" for Neon.1 especially intended for projects that are new to Neon.1.

If I have followed the notes to this list correctly (and cross-project bugs)  the only two projects that are new to Neon.1 are Window Builder and BPMN2 Modeler. Since the deadline is tomorrow (8/27), I thought I would try to enable them in Neon_maintenance to see what would happen. The aggregation worked, but I have no idea if the content there is what the projects intend. These projects have to still check that.

If there are other projects joining Neon.1 that are not in the checkpoint build, please follow the Exception Process.  

If there are questions about dates or process please read the Neon plan and after reading that if there are any remaining questions please ask here on this list. The Neon.1 RCs will be starting sooner than you may think (8/19).

And speaking of sooner than you think, Oxygen M1 begins on 8/5! Please see the Oxygen Plan for more details.

I have updated the Planning Council calendar through December of this year (through Oxygen M4 and Neon.2).

Please bookmark these links, and plan accordingly.


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