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[cross-project-issues-dev] EclipseCoins: bounty for bug fixes

Hi all,

While chatting with Mikael Barbero about some bug and how to influence the community to fix it ASAP, we came to a (not that serious but maybe worth considering idea) of EclipseCoins. The principle would be to create a separate money for contributors to place bounties and earn rewards.

A first draft:
* Each contributor can start with 20 EclipseCoins
* Their contributions via Friends of Eclipse can increase their amount of EclipseCoins.
* Contributors can place bounties on bug that are important for them.
At that point, a bug gets a value of interest, which could help in prioritizing. Note that there are currently votes on Bugzilla, but it's not possible to set a weight. Also, they have some restrictions in number of votes by projects and so on.
* Then the person who fixes a bug gets the bounty and have the EclipseCoins wallet bigger, to place bounties on some other bugs.
We could imagine EclipseCoin could be used to buy some Eclipse swag or some discount in conferences.

It's both a nice way to let people kind of "buy a feature", have influence, reward people who work hard and introduce gamification.

Does anyone know similar mechanism that were tried and have some feedback on this topic?
Does anyone know existing software doing that?
Would it be interesting for our community? Would it make it more productive, more fun, more diverse, whatever...? Would it have noticeable drawbacks on the community?
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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