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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Graphiti participating in Oxygen



yes, you are right Graphiti is a framework. On the other hand we have dependencies to GEF and EMF Transactions/Validation with is at +2.


Graphiti has been on +3 since it joined the release train, so far it has never been an issue. Or at least these issues did not reach me.


In case any user of Graphiti struggles with this, this would be a good time to speak up. I’m open towards changing to an earlier day in case that is required.





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I believe Graphiti is a "framework", right? To be used by others? As such +3 does not make much sense. +3 is more for "leaf" components that no one else depends on. +1 or +2 makes more sense to me, depending on what you depend on.

As always, feel free to correct any misconceptions I have.

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Graphiti will be participating in Oxygen:
Offset will be +3.
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