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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Slow/Unreliable Eclipse Neon Repository


There seems to be a general problem with mirrors not being available/used/specified, as in the earlier post yesterday from Wim Jongman titled "Something wrong with the mirrors."

This link currently yields an empty list of mirrors:

In Firefox I must use View Page Source to see the XML. Or use this link with yields HTML:

When this is empty, the installer will just use directly. And when it's also bad for the downloaded packages, they'll be downloaded from If enough people are doing that, the server will be horribly slow, and it has been for days now...


On 12.07.2016 09:36, Andreas Scharf wrote:

we currently experiencing problems with the Eclipse neon repository I made a simple 'wget' showing that the server is really slow and the connection is lost a couple of times.

Can anyone confirm this?


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